The Green Party has announced the candidates in the running for nomination for Mayor of London and the London-wide Assembly list.

The Greens currently have two Assembly members elected from the list by the Additional Member proportional system – Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson, both running for re-election, so the top finishers in that selection can expect a seat in 2012.

Nominations are yet to open for the 14 constituencies, which each consist of two or three boroughs and elect a single member by first-past-the-post.

The candidates are:

Mayoral selection
Jenny Jones
Shahrar Ali
Farid Bakht

Assembly List selection
Shahrar Ali
Caroline Allen
Farid Bakht
Natalie Bennett
Charlotte Dingle
Andy Hewett
Anna Hughes
Darren Johnson
Jenny Jones
Sue Luxton
Noel Lynch
Romayne Phoenix
Marek Powley
Caroline Russell
Ben Samuel

Gary Dunion

About Gary Dunion

Gary Dunion is Parliamentary Officer for Friends of the Earth Scotland. He has prevously worked for Green and Independent MSPs, and campaign organisations including Global Justice Now and WWF Scotland. He was a founding editor of Bright Green.