The mug design by Thom Pizzey, first featured by Bright Green

The mug design by Thom Pizzey, first featured by Bright Green

Big news – brace yourselves, party hacks.

You can now buy the pro-immigrant Green Party mug that Bright Green dreamt up in response to Labour’s vile ‘Control Immigration’ merchandise.

Labour’s mug – based on one of it’s key election pledges to clamp down on immigration – caused huge controversy both within and outside of the party.

The Green Party’s response however – a progressive version of the mug, designed by Ashford Green Party activist and Young Green Thom Pizzey, costs just a fiver and can be bought on the official Green Party shop, after Press Officer Matthew Butcher put the plans into action over the weekend.

Bright Green was the first to show the design which gained huge traction and have been featured on the BBC throughout Monday.

Get yours now and stand up to Labour’s reactionary anti-immigrant rhetoric. Let’s show that being progressive can be more popular than giving in to right-wing fervour. 

Josiah Mortimer

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Josiah Mortimer is a Senior Correspondent for Bright Green, writing on Westminster politics and the Green Party of England and Wales. He was Co-Editor of Bright Green between 2014-15, and is now a Contributing Editor for Left Foot Forward.