Bright Green can reveal the full breakdown of the Green Party internal election votes.

There was record turnout for the 9 positions that make up the executive team of the Green Party of England and Wales, the team that help direct the internal workings of the party over a 2-year cycle.

With only two candidates running for Chair of GPEx, Claire Phipps was elected on the first count with 5665 votes, 68% of the vote.

Two job-share teams ran for the Campaigns Co-ordinator role, with Elizabeth Whitebread and Tamsim Omond being elected after securing 4580 votes, 62% of the vote.

GPEx election results breakdown, 2016

GPEx election results breakdown, 2016


With 3 candidates running for Elections Co-ordinator, Judy Maciejowska had to battle to the 3rd count before being elected with 3653 votes, 53% of the vote. It was a close race between Rob Telford and Benali Hamdache, the 2nd and 3rd place candidates, with less than 30 votes between them in the first two rounds.

A job share of 3 (making it unique amongst the positions), Matt Hawkins, Penny Kemp and Jennifer Nadel, was elected to the External Communications Co-ordinator, being the only candidate, receiving 6087 votes, representing 93% of the vote.

The only candidate for Finance Co-ordinator, Emma Carter, retained her role (having been co-opted into the position several months ago) with 6079 votes, 96% of the vote.

GPEx election results breakdown, 2016

GPEx election results breakdown, 2016

Internal Communications Co-ordinator went to Peter Barnett and Paul Jenkins who will be job-sharing the role, securing 3440 votes, representing 54% of the votes cast.

International Co-ordinator was a tight-run race, with another job-share team (Jessica Northey and Derek Wall, author of ‘Economics After Capitalism’) just scraping into the role with 3221 votes to the only other rival, Elizabeth Chowns’ 3035, representing just 50% of the vote.

The Management Co-ordinator role had only one candidate, the fifth job-share team (Tom Chance, housing policy buff, and Liz Reason), who secured 5896 votes, 94% of the votes cast. This means that out of 9 of the GPEx positions up for grabs, 5 are now held by job-sharing teams, a sign of the growing popularity of this option.

The final position, Trade Union Liasion Officer, went to Kieron Merrett who secured 4189 (66%) votes.


GPEx election results breakdown, 2016

GPEx election results breakdown, 2016


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