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For the second time in the European election campaign, the Greens are polling ahead of the Tories. With six days to go until polling day, this bodes well for the Green Party’s chances in the election.

A new poll from YouGov has the Greens at 10% and the Tories at 9%. This is only the second time in history that the Greens have been ahead of the Tories in a national poll. The first time was less than a week ago.

Unfortunately, the rest of the poll is grim reading, with the Brexit Party on 35% a 19 point lead over the second placed Liberal Democrats.

Trend towards to the Greens

This YouGov poll is part of a wider trend showing Green support is growing. In April, a ComRes poll had the Greens on 5%, but now has them at 7%. Opinium has shown a similar trend, with a 2 point increase in the Green vote share in the Euro elections between April and May.

When it comes to General Elections, the pollsters are regularly putting the Greens at between 5 and 7 percent. That rating would translate to the highest ever Green vote if repeated at a General Election.

And a recent poll for the London Mayoral election has the Green candidate Sian Berry on a massive 16% – triple what the party won in the 2016 election.

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