Bright Green training weekend in Edinburgh, January 2017.

Enjoy writing? Involved in an activist group or campaign?

Bright Green is currently looking for people involved in the following activist networks to write for us on a one-off or regular basis:

  • Black Lives Matter UK and other groups representing people of colour
  • Housing campaigns
  • Sisters Uncut and other feminst activism
  • Migrant and refugee rights
  • Disabled people’s activism including Black Triangle and others
  • Community-based anti-fracking groups
  • Campaigns fighting for precarious workers’ rights such as Better than Zero

If you are involved in one of the above and have a news or comment piece you’d like to submit just drop us an email. We have no criteria on topic or style and are happy to proof read pieces from new writers.

We are also always keen to recieve submissions from people who define as women, LGBTQI+, disabled, and/or black and minority ethnic.

We would encourage you to read our manifesto but you absoultely do not need to be a supporter of any political party to write for us. If you enjoy writing for us regularly we will be very pleased to make you a regular correspondent.

Send your ideas, submissions and questions to

Molly Gerlach-Arthurs
Bradley Allsop
Ric Lander

Molly, Bradley, Ric

Co-Editors, Bright Green