This is a nomination for the Bright Green Dick of the Year award from Aberdeenshire Councillor Debra Storr – you can submit your own nomination by emailing before the 31st of December.

Sir Ian Wood, Chairman of Wood Group, an oil-industry support business.

Sir Ian merits the award:

A) as Principal of Robert Gordon’s University he awarded an honorary doctorate to Donald Trump for his contribution to the NE of Scotland’s economy and as an example to the students.  Trump’s contribution so far is the destruction of a Site if Special Scientific Interest at Menie and it is widely expected that Trump will attempt to force the local council into using compulsory purchase powers to evict 4 families from their homes which are now inconvenient to the development.  When the original permission was granted, Trump said he had all the land he needed.
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B) for trying to force his pet project to concrete over Union Terrace Gardens, Aberdeen, the only significant green space in the centre of the city and a remarkable set of Victorian Gardens laid out in a valley.  Sir Ian dusted off plans for filling in the gardens and decking over a road and railway to provide car parking and indoor concourse space and a street level plaza larger than Red Square.  He has offered a £50m contribution to the total cost, estimated at at least £140m, provided the public want it. A public consultation rejected the proposals by 55% to 45%.  However Sir Ian Wood, Aberdeen City Council and the local public/private partnership ASCEF continue to promote the project.
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