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Bright Green started out as Bright Green Scotland in 2010, branching out with a UK-wide Editorial team in 2014.  We offer independent and radical news and comment from and about the green movement.

Our politics

We believe in a Green politics that is rooted in the interconnectedness of people and planet; of society and economy; and individuals and communities.

We believe that people are a force for good. We believe that the exploitation at the centre of our economic system, imperialism and discrimination stop us from living good lives. We seek to overcome these barriers through collective action, political argument and campaigning. We also seek to build new ways of working that avoid and overcome the economic constraints on us. We want to show that another world is possible.

We believe that social movements are at the core of Green politics. This means that we seek to work with trade unions, non-governmental organisations, communities and individuals who share our goals to create a popular front fighting for a better world.

Our economy has atomisation and isolation at its heart. While elites increase their wealth and economic power, increasing numbers are trapped in poverty and deprivation. This atomisation and exploitation is driven by the market. Far from serving the common good markets have enslaved us. We resist atomisation and marketisation. Instead we must build a collaborative future based on the distribution of goods and services according to need not wealth. We can have no meaningful democracy without economic democracy.

We believe that corporations have too much power and must be reined in. An utterly broken neoliberal model has been allowed to crush lives, communities, and democracies. We stand with anti-capitalist movements. Cooperation is more important than competition, and we seek a cooperative society.

We reject the divisions sown by elites. Divisions on the basis of class, gender, sexuality, disability, religion, ethnicity or age must be overcome to allow equality for all. To do this we must acknowledge the historical roots of such discrimination and support action to overcome it. We are feminist and we stand against sexism. We support immigrants and immigration. We oppose fascism in all its forms.

We stand with the oppressed and against all forms of oppression. We seek to identify and deal with the cause rather than attempting to deal with the effect. We believe that science and technology can make our world a better place, but that they must be held in common for the common good, not for corporate greed.

The environmental crisis and the economic crisis are interlinked and inextricable. Neither will be solved as long as those who profit from them remain in charge, and so we must work to hand power to people. It is through democracy and class solidarity that we will find the answers.

We work through and with the Green parties of these islands as a political force, with whom we share many beliefs, but support collaboration with anyone who shares our values because no one has a monopoly on good ideas.

Just as this is an attempt to make our society more collaborative, so we invite you to take part in our project if you share our beliefs.

– Peter McColl, Mark Ballard, Maggie Chapman, Adam Ramsay, Gary Dunion, Ric Lander and Sarah Beattie-Smith, November 2014.


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