A photo of Green Party campaigners in Bristol

One of the regular features of elections is the flurry of endorsements from celebrities and public figures. This year’s general election is no different, and they’re coming in thick and fast. We’re keeping track of all the big names who’ve backed the UK’s Green Parties, either nationally or in individual constituencies. This article will be updated as more endorsements are announced.

Who’s backing Jo Bird in Birkenhead?

  • Jamie Driscoll – former North of Tyne Mayor

Who’s backing Sian Berry in Brighton Pavilion?

  • Steve Coogan – actor and comedian

Who’s backing Carla Denyer in Bristol Central?

  • Massive Attack – Trip Hop band
  • Hugh Grant – Actor
  • Owen Jones – Journalist and campaigner
  • Laura Parker – former national coordinator of Momentum

Who’s backing Carne Ross in Islington South?

  • Owen Jones – Journalist and campaigner

Who’s backing Ellie Chowns in North Herefordshire?

  • Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall – Author and broadcaster
  • Kevin McCloud – TV presenter

Who’s backing Adrian Ramsay in Waveney Valley?

  • Steve Coogan – actor and comedian
  • Norman Lamb – former Liberal Democrat MP

Who’s backing the Green Party of England and Wales?

  • Grace Blakeley – author
  • Jennie Formby – former general secretary of the Labour Party
  • Lynne Jones – former Labour MP
  • George Monbiot – journalist
  • Gary Stevenson – economist

Image credit: Matthew Phillip Long – Creative Commons