Victoria Mery

I’m Victoria Mery, a neuroscience student at the University of Bristol and I’m running for the ‘Green Students Committee co-convenor’ role. I joined the party in 2019 and I’m very excited to take this next step.

I’m standing for election because I believe green students are changing the face of politics. My drive to get involved has been fueled by the mediocre education received this year and the extortionate tuition fees.

Students have been treated unfairly all throughout this pandemic – we’ve had our mental health disregarded and we’ve been blamed for rising cases when the incompetence of the government was the cause behind of this. The Young Greens have achieved so much already and this year I wanted to be an active part of it. I believe my motivation and hard work can have a tangible impact in the committee.

Focusing on both education and campaigning is essential to keep the momentum of the last election. Firstly, organising relevant sessions to learn about green policies and spread awareness will be beneficial for both members and people who are curious about joining us. Proportional representation awareness would be a priority- creating a genuinely democratic society will get more green MPs elected, giving us a better chance to tackle the climate emergency. We must get as informed as possible, as ignorance is what allows people in power to control us.

Secondly, our campaigning will be approachable for any student and relevant to our issues. The education system’s transphobia and racism has to be eradicated altogether; rent striking ( as well demanding better housing conditions) will be supported. Working alongside other like-minded societies to maximise our voice will be important, creating an inclusive and welcoming community in campus.

This is my first time running for a role and I’m very excited to start organising and campaigning. I hope the Young Greens will give me this opportunity and vote for me as GSC co-convenor!

This article is part of a series from candidates standing in this year’s elections to the Young Greens of England and Wales Executive Committee. You can find all the articles in the series here. Voting is open in the Young Greens elections from July 3 to July 18. 

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