This is a nomination for the Bright Green ‘Dick of the year award’ from James Mackenzie. You can nominate too by emailing 200ish words to adamramsay ‘at’ before 30 December.

Tommy Sheridan is a worthy contender for this inaugural award, despite the real problem not being with his eponymous member. If he’d stuck his hand up when the News of the World had first run the “un-named MSP is a shagger” story, after a few weeks of internal turmoil in his party it would all have been forgotten. Even a more dignified “it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to discuss my private life, which remains a matter for me and Gail” would have worked.

Instead, he tried to get his party’s entire leadership to lie about it all, he went ad hominem with his female former colleagues in particular, he broke the hearts of a generation of left activists in Scotland and then split them in the classic left style. He lost the cross-party respect he rightly gained for direct action against warrant sales, and ceded the moral high ground to the News of the World. Finally, he opened the door to a egomanaical run from George Galloway, who ought to be a former holder of this award, and made sure the Greens are the only left party represented at Holyrood this session and almost certainly the next one too.