This is a nomination for Bright Green Dick of the Year by Guppi Bola. If you wish to submit your own nomination email adamramsay @ gmail by midday on the 31st.

Andrew Lansley, Secretary of State for Health.

It is with great pleasure that I nominate our beloved Health Secretary Andrew Pirate Lansley for Dick of the Year Award 2010.

Never before has the UK seen a man so successfully screw up our health service within just weeks of entering office. It’s not just his attempt at single-handedly shifting the NHS into the hands of private providers that’s done it. Nor is it dismantling the regulatory authority of our only independent drugs assessment body. No No. It appears Lansley is set to irreversibly damage the health of both population and planet by giving the responsibility for healthy eating strategies to…… fast-food companies?

That’s right. Apparently in a new move to “engage” business in UK health policy – Pepsi, Mcdonalds, KFC, Mars, and oh yeah, that well known health advocate Kellogs, will be providing us laymen’s with a what’s what  for healthy eating habits.

Errrr. Wait a minute. Aren’t these the same set of businesses that sell environmentally destructive, oil-laden, high fat, high salt, high sugar cardio-killing burgers, fries and soft drinks?

Sure Andrew – put the future of UK’s growing obesity and diabetes epidemic in the hands of the profiteering food industry. That’ll work.