This is a nomination for Bright Green’s #dick2010 award from Lisa Ansell. You can read her in The Guardian too.

Frank Field, Labour MP, Government adviser, general dick about town

Dick of the year? Who to choose? Oh yes. Frank Field.

When the coalition took power us poor feckless poor were turned over to the christian Right of the Conservative party, and in the interests of bipartisanship they asked kindly Labour MP Frank Field to conduct a review on poverty.

Luckily Frank Field was already a big fan of the dubious christian think tank, The Centre for Social Justice, and the wacky fundamentalists at Christian Research Action Education. Both he and Ian Duncan Smith have long agreed that the best route out of poverty for women is marriage-and that if you just take money from the families most likely to be in poverty no matter how hard they work, they will be more inclined to go find a man.

Ian Duncan Smith and his sneering mate at the Treasury (also candidate for dick of the year) have ensured that for many single parents (especially those with young children), working will no longer pay the bills. As a finale, Frank Field’s review on poverty put a juicy cherry on top of this slut shaming ‘christian’ cake.

The cure for poverty is not giving women the ability to feed their children- or helping them address the inequality that means that motherhood means poverty. No. The key to curing poverty, once you have pushed hundreds and thousands of women below the breadline, tackled rising female unemployment by cutting the public sector jobs most often done by women, and removed the legal aid that allows them to protect themselves in divorces and with employers- the key is to take money from them and give it to Early Years Prevention centres.

Oh yes. Once you have been pushed out of your community, out of your job- and left with no way to pay the bills until you find a nice rich man to fuck you- you are clearly not fit to be left to handle the meagre benefits paid- they should be used to pay for those nice professionals who can teach you to be a better parent. Graduate playworkers who can teach you not to be poor, and ensure that they swoop in and intervene with your kids if you are.

But it’s all alright- cos Mr. Field and Mr. Duncan Smith are very clear that the family is where women should be – and hopefully this will deter those feckless sluts from leaving their husbands. Staying married is the right thing to do.

So, for sanctimonious moralising dick of the year, I nominate Frank Field. The only man who could convince himself he is a moral authority, while watching thousands of women and children being pushed into poverty- and recommending their money be taken to pay for a service which blames them entirely for it.

editors note – I know we said 200 words, but I really couldn’t cut any of this out…