Jon Nott, the electoral returning officer for the Green Party of England and Wales’ internal elections, has announced the results for posts on the party’s executive, known as GPEx. Members of GPEx are elected for a two-year term, with half of the seats contested each year. The announcement of the new Leader and Deputy Leader is due to take place on Monday.

The results are:

Chair – Tim Dawes (uncontested)
Campaigns Co-ordinator – Howard Thorp (uncontested)
Elections Co-ordinator – Geoff Smith (uncontested)
External Communications Co-ordinator – Penny Kemp and Joe Williams (job share) (uncontested)
Management Co-ordinator – Mark Cridge (uncontested)
International Co-ordinator – Derek Wall (beating Sebastian Power and John Street)

Two seats GPEx were elected for a single year to fill posts currently held by co-opted members:

Local Party Support Co-ordinator – Matthew Townsend (uncontested)
Policy Development Co-ordinator – Stuart Jeffery (uncontested)

In the one contested election, for International Co-ordinator, the breakdown of voting was as follows:

2945 ballot papers returned, of which 388 were spoilt (mostly blank), giving a total valid vote of 2557 and a quota of 1278.6

First preferences were:
1182 – Wall
872 – Power
477 – Street
26 – RON

No one achieves quota and so Street is eliminated and his votes are redistributed to give the following figures:

1375 – Wall
1068 – Power
70 – RON
44 – non transferable

Derek Wall is therefore elected as International Co-ordinator.