editors note – there has been some conversation about the change to the Green Party’s philisophical basis at this year’s Spring Conference which put social justice central. Here is the speech made in favour of the change by Young Green Ell Folan (currently running in UEA student elections). You can read Ell’s blog here.
Good morning, conference.
Ell Folan, Norwich Green Party, and this is my first time speaking at conference.
I’ve always felt that I wanted to make my first speech at conference a good one. And I can’t think of a better motion to begin on. I think it’s brilliantly expressed and is absolutely necessary.
I should start by saying that I am proud to call myself an environmentalist. I think the greatest challenge that we face is that of preventing the destruction of our planet, of combating pollution and – well, saving our world.
But that concern for nature isn’t why I joined the Green Party.
I joined the Green Party because we believe in creating a million jobs through state intervention. I joined the Green Party because we believe in tackling inequality and making the rich pay their fair share.
But more than anything, I joined the Green Party because it’s the only party that is on my side. Not just as a young person or a student, but as an autistic young person who is indebted to our National Health Service and I’m proud to be in a party that defends that.
So that’s the sort of Britain we want to build. And you know, we can have debates about specific wording, about whether this should go in the philosophical basis or even about whether we want in the philosophical basis. And our conference is very good at that.
But ultimately, this is something that we can all believe in, and that’s good enough for me, and that’s why I’m voting Yes.