The iconic Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow. Image: Paulo Araujo.

Yes, actually, for real: the Radical Independence Campaign today confirmed its 2014 conference will take place at the 3,000 seat Clyde Auditorium in the SECC, Glasgow.  The venue was announced announced at 2pm today.

The conference, the third of its kind, takes place on Sat 22nd November 2014.  Tickets have been told for some weeks and are still available, although we expect them to sell out fast.

Breakout sessions will be accommodated in the neighbouring Glasgow Science Centre.  Details of the agenda will be given in the coming weeks.

The event is likely to be by far the biggest post-referendum political conference, exceeding the Scottish Green’s sell-out conference this weekend and likely even the SNP’s conference in Perth next month.

RIC is asking for donations to support the event, tickets for which are £10, or £4 concessions.

Greens, socialists, trade unionists and others helped set up Radical Independence two years ago at a landmark conference in Glasgow city centre in which Bright Green hosted discussions.

RIC’s huge upsurge in support around this year’s vote shows that the “spirit of 2014” is still burning strong.