The party's manifesto in 2010
Caroline Lucas with the party’s manifesto in 2010

The Green Party manifesto has now been approved by the Green Party Regional Council (GPRC), and is currently in the process of being finalised, proofed and printed, Bright Green can reveal. 

Tuesday the 14th is now being mooted for the official release date.

The GPRC meeting was held on the 28th March, and in addition to backing the draft manifesto, re-affirmed the commitment that opposing austerity would be a ‘red line’ in any post-election negotiations.

There was strong agreement to hold firm in such negotiations and avoid an ‘at all costs’ mindset.

According to a source on the council, “GPRC wont allow a deal that sells the party out”.

“Forgoing some power and influence in order to preserve our integrity is likely to be the most important consideration,” the figure said.

The move is significant because, according to the Green Party’s constitution, the co-chairs of GPRC must be consulted at all times during negotiations, with GPRC as a whole approving the final deal. Although a coalition is unlikely, it would be expected that the party as whole would get a vote on any deal too.

With the first Green Party Political Broadcast released today (#ChangeTheTune), it’s hoped that – whether it’s released on the 14th or not, the manifesto will be out over the next week. Or at least before the election…