With over 21,000 members, the Young Greens are the biggest organised group within the Green Party and deserve to have a say over its future!

Young Greens at last year’s Young Greens Convention. Photo: William Pinkney-Baird

Nearly a month has flown by since the General Election, and it’s an important time for the Green Party to consider its future direction. Over the coming months the Party will be reflecting on the 2015 results and building a new plan for the next five years.

Something the Green Party need to consider in building this plan a much greater extent is the youth branch, the Young Greens. I have been Co-Chair of the Young Greens for over 18 months. Here’s five reasons I think the Party’s future relies on us!

1) The Young Greens have been the fastest growing part of the Green Party

We now have over 21,000 members. In the summer of 2014 we had just 1,300 members. The growth rate of the Young Greens has not slowed since the election. With the biggest part of the Party now all under 30, we need to drastically re-evaluate how to engage them all.

2) The loudest voice on equality and diversity has come from the Young Greens

It’s vital we take seriously the championing of liberation politics. We have some fantastic members who are working hard on these issues, including members who have helped set up Greens of Colour.

3) The leadership development scheme, 30 Under 30, is run by the Young Greens

With Green Party Deputy Leader Amelia Womack as an alumni of the 30 Under 30 scheme, it’s going to be crucial to build the scheme up and support the development of activists as much as possible.

4) Young members are the ones knocking on doors, delivering flyers, and going on marches

Those under 30 often get heavily involved in the labour-intensive side of campaigning, often without the same thanks as others. Often when many come face-to-face with the Green Party it is through the Young Greens.

5) Young Green members are the future of the Green Party

I think people often forget about the long-term future of the Party, and that this really rests in the hands of the members that are in the Young Greens now. We need to engage young members and make them feel a part of the process to propel the long-term sustainability of the Party.

With so many fantastic activists in Young Greens I can assure you the future of the Green Party is in safe hands, but let’s do more to engage our young members!

For local parties, it’s important to involve local Young Green groups in planning and actions. We also need to bolster the Young Greens regional groups so they can do more, and make sure the Party provides the Young Greens with adequate funding to put on more training and lead on more campaigns.

If you are a Young Green member and want to find out how you can get involved in your area, or involved in a local party and wish to contact the Young Greens group in your area, you can visit the website here: http://younggreens.org.uk/local-groups/