Charlotte Church addressing the recent anti-austerity demo in London. Photo: William Pinkney-Baird.

Charlotte Church has said that she regrets tactically voting for Labour and should have voted for the Green Party or Plaid Cymru.

In a passionate blog post she criticised right-wing internet trolls who tell her that Labour caused the global financial crisis:

I find this argument directed at me baffling frankly, as never have I come out in support of the Labour party. I voted for them in the general election, sure, because the Tories hold a marginal seat in the constituency I live in. I will never vote tactically again. It didn’t work and I wasted a vote that could have gone to the Greens or Plaid.

The singer, from Cardiff, has become increasingly prominent in the anti-austerity movement since the general election and has spoken at several protests and meetings alongside Green party speakers.