Deputy Green Party leader Amelia Womack is seeking nomination to stand for the Welsh Assembly, it was announced tonight.

Womack aims to become the first Green elected to the Welsh Assembly, after handing in her nomination papers to the Welsh Green Party on Thursday.

The GPEW Deputy Leader is seeking to stand for the First Past the Post constituency of Cardiff Central – the university seat in the heart of Wales’ capital – and the proportionally-elected seat of South Wales Central, under Wales’ Additional Member System for electing the Senedd.

Once nominations have closed on Friday, members will be able to vote on the order of the party list and will decide on candidates for the constituency seats.

Womack is from Wales and grew up in Newport. She told Bright Green:

“I am excited to be running for selection for the Welsh Assembly next year. This is our opportunity for the Green Party to provide a platform for radical change across Wales.

“Our country needs a Green voice more than ever, and the May elections offer a genuine chance to make that a reality.

“I hope that members select me to be the candidate for South Wales Central and Cardiff Central to put the ‘Green Surge’ into the Senedd. With austerity being imposed from both Westminster and Cardiff Bay, our campaign is absolutely vital – and it’s one that we can win.”