Photo: Young Greens

Bright Green is pleased to break the news of the candidates standing for the Young Greens of England and Wales committee elections.

The positions up for election are for the National Executive Committee (NEC), Structures and Procedures Committee (SPC) and Regional Senate group positions. Nominations closed on 3rd October, voting will open online on the weekend of 17th October and will close on the weekend of the Young Greens national convention in Nottingham from 31st October – 1st November, where the results will be announced.

The candidates standing for election (along with information on each of the positions) are as follows:

Young Greens National Executive Committee (NEC)

2 x Young Greens co-chairs (of which at least one must be not a self-defining male)

The two co-chairs work together to provide direction for the Young Greens and are the public face of the organisation (including sitting on the national Green Party Executive). They oversee the work of the committee, chair committee meetings, and help the other committee members when they need it. They also normally manage any big projects or things that cross several people’s responsibilities.

  • Hannah Ellen Clare
  • Paul Cohen
  • Sophie van der Ham
  • Chris Jarvis
  • Pete Kennedy
  • George William Mueller Waite

1 x Young Greens treasurer

The treasurer’s main role is a fundraising one (the Young Greens staff member deals with most of the accounts). They’re responsible for fundraising events and drives, grant applications, and checking the accounts.

  • Tom Bolitho

6 x Non-portfolio NEC positions

Six non-portfolio officers share the rest of the roles of the Young Greens, including events, campaigns, media, international, publications and membership support. They might take on a role by themselves or with another officer, specialise in one thing or have two smaller roles. If you want to stand for a non-portfolio officer you can talk in your statement about which area(s) you’d be most interested in, but the final allocation of jobs will be done after everyone’s elected.

  • Libby Brown
  • Lauren Davies
  • Georgia Elander
  • Carlus Hudson
  • Dan Johnston
  • Anna Jordan
  • Sam Murray
  • Tom Pashby
  • Louise Young


Structures and Procedures Committee

5 x Structure and Procedures Committee members (SPC)

The Structures and Procedures Committee is responsible for upholding this constitution and byelaws and for overseeing updates and clarifications to these, including the power to make rulings on interpretation of this constitution and to declare acts constitutional or otherwise. As part of this role, the Structures and Procedures Committee will run the Annual General Meeting.

  • Molly Arthurs
  • Luke Reynolds
  • Elaha Walizadeh


Young Greens Regional Senate

2 x Regional Senate Co-Convenors (of which at least one must be not a self-defining male)

The Regional Senate is a group of representatives of Regional Young Greens Groups. Collectively they provide each other advice and support as well as steer on the feelings of grassroots members. The role of the co-chairs is to facilitate the working of this group, as well as being the main contact between the group and the Executive.

  • Christopher Flossman