A poll has shown that 37% of British voters think the Greens will be an important part of British politics in the future, against just 31% who think the opposite.

Polling organisation Yougov asked voters to choose which statement they most agreed with: “the Greens are here to stay, and they will likely remain an important part of British politics for at least the next ten years” or “the Greens will eventually fade away from British politics, and will probably not be a force in British politics in ten years.”

When asked this question about Ukip, 24% of voters thought the party would stay important while 55% thought it would fade away.

With the Liberal Democrats, 35% thought they would stay relevant whereas 38% thought they would fade.

The only parties which scored better than the Greens were the Tories (80-3) and Labour (66-13).

According to YouGov: “Aside from Labour and the Conservatives, the only other party we asked about that people overall thought would be important in ten years’ time were the Greens. Opinion here was split though, with more Northerners, old people, Leave voters and voters for right wing parties in 2015 – groups among which the Greens perform poorly – all noticeably more likely to think the Greens will fade over the next ten years.