Young Greens: our future is at stake, but we can do something about it. Even though we do not have a general election or huge referendum to campaign on, there are still local elections happening up and down the country on May 4th. And the Green Party are standing some fantastic candidates, some in places we have not been able to have influence in… before now.

The time to get involved is always now. So let’s join Young Greens up and down the country for the Spring Action Day on Saturday 29th April. There are 10 action days across England and Wales that you can help more Greens get elected. Wherever you live, there is an action day not far from you.

Members of the Young Greens. Credit: Young Greens
Members of the Young Greens. Credit: Young Greens

Hannah Ellen Clare, co-chair of the Young Greens, says, “this is a great way for Young Greens to get involved if they haven’t done before. With so many exciting events happening across the country, there will be something happening in your area. But if you can’t make it to a Spring Action Day event, you can always contact your local party if you want to help more Greens get elected.”

As we know our volunteers work incredibly hard, there is also an opportunity to socialize with other Young Greens and get to know each other a little bit better. On the eve of the Spring Action Day, Young Greens will be hosting a social in honour of the annual social media phenomenon, Ed Balls Day.

Not heard of Ed Balls Day? Ed Balls Day celebrates the anniversary of the day where politician Ed Balls tweeted his own name. Yearly, people take to social media and discuss this historical moment, either by tweeting their own name or by tweeting Ed Balls’s name.

This year, the Young Greens ask all members to instead talk about the Young Greens Ed Balls Day Celebrations through the day on social media, before convening in the evening.

Sam Murray, co-chair of the Young Greens, says, “getting into activism can sometimes be difficult if you don’t know anyone. But the bi-national Ed Balls Day Celebration aims to bring together seasoned activists and the welcome anyone new. Let us get together on the evening before the Spring Action Day to get to know each other a little better.”

So don’t forget to save the date! Lots of Green Party celebrities have it in their diaries, including the Green Party leadership team. Caroline Lucas will be joining South East Young Greens in Redhill, while Amelia Womack will be in Leamington Spa with Midlands Young Greens. Sîan Berry, London Assembly Member, will also be attending the London Young Greens action day in Newham.

This will be a day to remember. Your action could be the reason why we have more elected Greens in England and Wales. Now let’s paint the town Green!

Here is the full list of locations for action days and socials across the country:

London Young Greens: Newham
South East Young Greens: Redhill
Young Greens East: Norwich
Midlands Young Greens: Leamington Spa
Yorkshire & the Humber Young Greens: York
North East Young Greens: Durham
North West Young Greens: Gorton, Manchester
South West Young Greens: Bristol
Wales Young Greens: Penarth and Caersws

Facebook events: Ed Balls Day, Spring Action Day