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A new opinion poll released today puts the Greens at their highest level of support for two years. The poll, from Kantar Public puts support for the Greens in a General Election at 6%. The last time the Greens received a poll rating of 6% or higher was in March 2017.

Growing support

The Kantar poll is part of a wider trend of growing Green support. Britain Elects, which runs a rolling polling average service, put the Greens on 3.6% on March 11, up from 2.2% in January 2018. And it follows two polls conducted by BMG in January and February which put support for the Greens on 5%.

Whether the poll rating is a reflection of the public mood or an outlier will be tested as pollsters release new surveys in the coming weeks.

The poll will nevertheless be warmly received by Greens. It comes less than two months before crucial local elections taking place across England in May. They’ll be hoping to translate this support into votes, and get new Green councillors elected across the country.

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