Green Party deputy leader Amelia Womack
Image credit: Creative Commons: Krystyna Haywood

After the best local election results in its history, more than 500 people joined the Green Party of England and Wales yesterday. Today, over 200 more people have signed up.

These impressive figures show that Green membership is growing at an alarmingly rapid rate. Since May 3, a new member has been joining the Green Party roughly every three minutes.

Naturally, the party leadership are very happy about the membership figures. Deputy leader Amelia Womack described the Green movement as “unstoppable”. Speaking to Bright Green, she said:

The number of people joining us over the last few days shows that people are hungry for change.

It also shows that people who have voted Green want to make a real commitment to the change they want to see by joining us.

These figures show a solid rejection of the establishment politics and a vote for hope.

The Green Party offers people honesty, integrity and sheer hard work. When you elect us we get things done. Our new councillors are determined to get to work delivering the change people are crying out for and we expect our membership to grow and grow. Our movement feels unstoppable.

Best ever local election results

After all votes had been counted in this year’s English local elections, the Greens had doubled their number of councillors across the country. With 194 gains, the party also won seats on 50 new councils.

These results bode well for the Greens going into European parliamentary elections on May 23. The party currently has three Members of the European Parliament. Under the somewhat proportional system used in European parliamentary elections, a small swing to the Greens could see the party increase its number of seats.