Sian Berry
Image credit: Rosie Rawle

The Greens have made history again today. Off the back of record breaking local election results, the Greens are now ahead of the Tories in a national opinion poll for the first time ever.

In Yougov’s latest European election poll, the Greens sit at 11%, with the Tories at just 10%. This puts the Greens in forth place, also ahead of Change UK:

The poll spells bad news for the traditional parties of government. Labour and the Tories are polling just 26% combined.

If repeated in the elections on May 23, these polling figures would likely see the Greens increase their number of seats in the European parliament. There could be new Green MEPs for Scotland, East of England, North West England, Yorkshire and the Humber, and possibly even a second in the South East.

Highest General Election polling for two years

Along with measuring European voting intention, YouGov also asked people for their General Election voting intention. This also produced positive results for the Greens. The poll had the Greens at 7% for a General Election – the highest level for over two years:

All of this will be warmly received by the Greens, who are going into the European elections hoping to ride their wave of momentum and deliver their best ever results.