Siân Berry Green Party leader

With the UK now entering a General Election, there are early signs of good news for the Greens. A new poll of voters in Cambridge has put the party on track for its best ever result in the constituency.

The poll – conducted by Survation – has found that 12% of voters in Cambridge are currently planning to vote Green. That’s significantly more than have ever done so before. In 2015, the Greens won 7.9% of the vote – it’s highest ever.

Once a strong prospect for the Greens, the party’s vote share fell to just 2.2% in 2017. But if the results of this poll are replicated in a General Election, it could rekindle the prospect of a Green MP in the seat in the future.

Bad news for Labour

The poll is, however, bad news for Labour. It found that the party is projected to lose Cambridge to the Liberal Democrats – a seat Labour has held since 2015.

The full results of the poll are as follows:

Header image credit: Rosie Rawle