Green Party conference 2016

Whilst the leadership elections come to a close on the 31st August, Green Party of England and Wales members also have just under a week left to vote in the ballot that will determine which motions are heard at the extraordinary online conference in between the October 2 and 11.

Every Green member gets a vote in the ‘prioritisation ballot’ to determine what order motions will be heard in plenaries at the conference. The vote closes at 23:59 on the September 3.

With the agenda for this conference extending to over 50 motions, there will be many motions which simply are not able to be heard. This means a motion coming high in the ballot, and being at the top of the agenda, is more important than ever at making sure the issues you care about get debated.

There are motions on our disciplinary process, changes to our code of conduct and the way we organise as well as policy motions on food and agriculture, transport and economics, among much much else.

The final version of the agenda will be published on or before the September 17 following the results of this ballot.

You can read the first agenda with all the motions here.

There are two separate ballots, one for organisational motions in Section D, which you can find here.
and one for the policy motions which you can find here. Both require a party member’s website log in.

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Image credit: Jwslubbock – Creative Commons