Frank Adlington-Stringer

In August 2019, just six months and one non-target election after joining the Green Party, I was selected to spend a weekend at Green Party Campaign School. Mesmerised by the success stories of others and now fully versed on how to run a successful Target to Win campaign, I returned to my local party in Derbyshire ready to transform it.

Once the chaos of that festive yet rather gloomy general election was over, I began putting together the beginnings of our first ever Target to Win campaign. In just over a year we went from political obscurity to a strong 2nd place against the Conservative County Council Leader. We were amazed and so proud of what we had achieved.

Whilst this story so far is about me, and what we have achieved here in Derbyshire, I am telling it for a reason. None of this could’ve been done without Campaign School. Without me absorbing knowledge and skills from others outside of my local party. I am recounting these events because I know that across the country there are so many similar stories. Stories far more successful than mine. The stories of Young Greens who have taken on the impossible and delivered something fantastic for their communities.

My mission is a simple one. If elected as your new Elections Officer, I will do everything I can to bring us together. To enable us to share, learn and succeed together. For far too long we have been working hard in isolation (quite literally at times thanks to COVID) and this has to change. By creating a strong network of Young Green activists – not just another muted WhatsApp chat, but a meaningful group of closely connected individuals – we can flourish. We can share different campaign methods and offer assistance. We can problem solve, discuss time management techniques and how to get the most out of limited resources. We will be able to offer kind words and support in hard times, and good advice all year round. We can share skills and knowledge and, as a result, improve the quality of our campaigns. By building this strong network, not only will we as individuals be stronger but our campaigns will be too.

As it stands, we are bundled into a group chat or an email thread just a few weeks out from election time, and whilst the efforts of previous YG Committees have of course been appreciated and well intentioned, I believe that increased year round communication can be far more effective. Under my leadership we will be prepared for election time, well aware of funding opportunities, and poised for success. Ultimately, we will be organised and effective.

Once that weekend in August 2019 was over, we were grouped into smaller Coaching Circles. Whilst Campaign School was over, our individual journeys were just beginning. These Coaching Circles allowed us to regularly check in and seek advice, support and guidance from people with similar experiences. We could relate to problems and share our solutions. This aided in the implementation of our campaigns as it allowed us to adjust, adapt and move forward. This is what I envision for the Young Greens. A strong campaigns community which empowers its members.

If you believe in this vision then please join me in creating something better. Under my leadership we will come together and create a new way of campaigning, built on communication and connectivity. Together we will grow both ourselves and our campaigns. Together we will be far stronger and far more effective.

Vote for me, Frank Adlington-Stringer, to be your next Elections Officer.

This article is part of a series from candidates standing in this year’s elections to the Young Greens of England and Wales Executive Committee. You can find all the articles in the series here. Voting is open in the Young Greens elections from July 3 to July 18. 

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