Joshua Farrell

I am standing for campaigns officer because I am passionate about this party and I want to see the Young Greens grow and gain strength.

Despite a pandemic and lockdowns, we have had a really successful year, by way of more Young Greens elected to councils. We’ve launched a really successful series of political educational events.

I want to take what has been done and learnt over the past year, expand upon it and apply it going forward. I believe I am the right person to do that.

What I lack in experience I make up for in drive and commitment. Within a month of joining the party I was elected to Co-Chair of LGBTIQA+ Young Greens and had to learn very quickly. As an example of this, I’ve learnt how internal democracy and processes operate, having introduced motions to support LGBTIQA+ rights to Young Greens Convention. At the Green Party emergency conference, during workshops I have helped to support the Young Greens and get our views across. During my time as Co-Chair of LGBTQIA+ Young Greens I have built connections with the wider Green Party. I care about this party and I want to see it succeed.

My vision for the future of the Young Greens is one that is more collaborative, well rounded and intersectional. We have local groups that are run by incredibly knowledgeable and talented activists I want to harness their talents and knowledge not only to help us nationally but to also help in areas where we aren’t active or have groups that want to grow but lack the opportunity and support to do so.

I want us to form strong links with our local groups so that we can have a strong presence in as many places as possible, so that we can run as many candidates as possible as well as supporting Green Party candidates when it comes to elections. Ask any regional co-ordinator and they will tell you that the Young Greens are absolutely an advantage in any election. All the candidates that were elected in local elections had the backing of a passionate group of Young Greens. As campaigns officer I want to work with our local groups and activists and help them to reach as much of their region as possible as well as highlighting local issues that are symbolic of wider structural or national issues.

With the recent changes introduced to the structure of the Young Greens with us now having liberation officers on the Executive committee we have an opportunity to make sure that social justice is a core part of our movement and that liberation groups have access to the support and resources of the executive committee. As campaigns officer I want to work with those groups and help them to run their own campaigns about issues affecting them.

Moreover, there are many groups out there that whilst not connected to the Green Party or the Young Greens in any way we support and have a lot of respect for their work. We can offer them a larger platform and access to mainstream politics, ensuring that their voices are heard by councils. Whether they are students rent striking, zero-hour contract workers fighting for better pay and conditions or marginalised groups fighting for liberation we can support them and offer them resources, numbers and access to politics.

Unfortunately, many people still see us as a single-issue party but through supporting social justice and economic justice we can show that we are more well-rounded that our ideas not only helping to fight against climate change but also for the rights of people so that we have a country that works for them not for the wealthy or companies. Finally, I want this party to be truly intersectional, the issues we are working against do not exist in a vacuum they are interconnected and affect one another, we must see the big picture and make sure that everyone’s voice is heard. I believe that we are the party of inclusion, a greener future means that no one can be left behind.

This article is part of a series from candidates standing in this year’s elections to the Young Greens of England and Wales Executive Committee. You can find all the articles in the series here. Voting is open in the Young Greens elections from July 3 to July 18. 

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