Jeremy Corbyn

Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) has voted to prevent Jeremy Corbyn from standing as a Labour candidate in the next general election. The vote to block Corbyn’s candidacy passed with 22 votes in favour and 12 against.

Members of the NEC voted for a motion which called for Corbyn to be blocked from standing as a result of his failure to win the last general election. The motion was proposed by current Labour leader Keir Starmer.

Following the vote, Labour left campaign group Momentum said it was “a dark day for democracy”.

Prior to the meeting, left wing members of the Labour Party expressed their concerns about the decision to prevent Corbyn from standing.

Nadia Whittome MP Tweeted: “The motion to ban Jeremy Corbyn from restanding is divisive, an attack on party democracy and a distraction from the vital task of getting the Tories out. I hope it’s withdrawn or rejected.”

The former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said: “There are no legitimate grounds for barring Jeremy Corbyn being allowed to put himself forward for selection by the members of his CLP. If the argument is electoral unpopularity then is every losing past leader or Shadow Cabinet member to be barred & what if Keir dips in polls?”

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Image credit: Andy Miah – Creative Commons