An aerial photo of HMP Wandsworth, where Daniel Khalife was held

A trade union representing prison staff has said Daniel Khalife’s recent escape should be a ‘wake-up call’ for ministers on funding of the justice system. Community – which represents some workers in the justice system – has highlighted the ongoing risks faced by prison staff as a result of understaffing.

The union has called on the government to address a high number of assaults on justice workers.

Adrian Axtell, national officer for Community said: “Community Union has consistently warned the Ministry of Justice about the potential risks of continuing to allow those running our prisons to be understaffed, overworked, and abused day in and day out.

“The fact of the matter is the Government can’t continue to run our prisons without proper investment in staffing levels and protection of prison staff. This escape is merely the inevitable outcome of that fact.

“Prisons should be about protecting the public and, where possible, rehabilitating prisoners. Prison staff can not do that under current conditions, and I deeply hope that this escape acts as a wake-up call for the Government.”

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Image credit: Thomas Nugent – Creative Commons