A photo of Green Party campaigners in Bristol

Members of the Green Party have voted to increase its membership fees in order to fund its ‘biggest general election campaign ever’. Membership will now cost £5 a month for most members, with a cheaper, concessionary rate available for those who cannot afford the full fee.

A motion agreed by the party’s autumn conference in Brighton stated that “The Green Party is not funded by billionaires or giant corporations, but is powered by ordinary people who are ready to build a better world.”

It continued by arguing: “To achieve unprecedented wins in the next two years and support the growth of our local parties and membership at the same time, requires us to maintain and grow our funding base.”

The Green Party yesterday confirmed that it is seeking to get four MPs elected at the next election.

The motion on membership fees was proposed by the party’s chair Jon Nott, who said ‘it is absolutely critical’ the party elects more MPs and increasing membership fees is the best way to deliver this as they are the largest contribution to the party’s funds.

The party’s co-leader Carla Denyer also spoke in favour of the motion, telling members it would create a ‘war chest’ for the next general election.

Attendees at the conference overwhelmingly supported the motion.

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Image credit: Matthew Philip Long – Creative Commons