Labour leader Keir Starmer speaking at the House of Commons despatch box

Labour’s primary left wing faction Momentum has described Keir Starmer’s latest statement on Gaza as ‘mealy mouthed’ and ‘utterly insufficient’.

In a statement, the Labour leader said that “the amount of aid getting into Gaza is completely insufficient”, called for “regular, fast and safe” aid deliveries, and that there is a need to “restart the hard work of talks for a two-state solution if a viable Palestinian state alongside a safe and secure Israel”. Notably, Starmer again stopped short of calling for a ceasefire.

Speaking following the statement from Starmer, a Momentum spokesperson said: “This mealy-mouthed statement is an utterly insufficient response to the scale of human suffering in Gaza. Brief pauses in bombing are not a ceasefire – it is clear that Keir Starmer’s Labour is continuing to back Israel’s war on Gaza. Warm words about a two-state solution do not change this fundamental truth. Nor is Labour’s call for aid to reach those who need it credible, as long as it’s accompanied by effective support for blanket bombing and forced population transfer.

“Ultimately, the choice is simple. You either back a ceasefire – or you don’t. You either back an end to Israel’s deadly bombardment of civilians in Gaza – or you don’t. You either call out war crimes – or you don’t. Right now, it’s clear that, on all counts, Labour doesn’t.

“Labour voters want an end to the bloodshed – which is why an overwhelming 89% of them back a ceasefire. For as long as Keir Starmer rejects the position of his own party, the crisis in Labour will only get worse.”

More than 20 Labour councillors have resigned over Labour’s position.

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Image credit: Jessica Taylor / UK Parliament – Creative Commons