A poster reading "Vote Green Party" on the back of a chair

Wirral councillor Gail Jenkinson has defected from Labour to the Green Party. Jenkinson’s defection means the Greens now have 14 councillors on Wirral Council, up from one just five years ago.

Speaking following her defection, Jenkinson said: “It is important that I keep the promises I made when I was elected last May. I feel that I can now only do this as a member of the Green Party. I love the place where I grew up and still live and I speak to residents every day. I cannot do this honestly as Labour changes its policies, particularly now it is saying it will relax controls on building on the greenbelt… I strongly believe that being a member of the Green Party is the best way for me to contribute to that future and be a more effective councillor.”

Jenkinson isn’t the first councillor on the Wirral to move from Labour to the Greens. Jo Bird joined the Greens in 2022 after an initial spell as an independent following her departure from the Labour Party.

The Greens are the third largest party on Wirral Council, behind the Tories who have 17 seats and Labour who have 29.

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Image credit: Jon Craig – Creative Commons