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A new poll of Conservative Party members has found that over half of them think Islam is a threat to the ‘British way of life’. Campaign group Hope Not Hate commissioned the poll, which was carried out by Opinium.

Opinium polled 521 Conservative Party members asking questions about Islam, immigration, multiculturalism and attitudes towards minority communities. The polling firm found that 58% of Tory members think that Islam is a threat to the British way of life.

Meanwhile, 52% agreed that parts of many European cities are under the control of Sharia Law and are ‘no-go’ zones for non-Muslims.

Opinium also asked whether Conservative Party members had a positive or negative view of various minorities and political groups. The pollster found that many more Tory members have a negative view of migrants, Muslims, and Roma and Traveller people. It found:

  • 20% of members have a positive view of immigrants, 45% have a negative view.
  • 19% of members have a positive view of Muslims, 40% have a negative view.
  • 13% of members have a positive view of Roma/Travellers, 49% have a negative view.
  • 57% of members have a positive view of Jews, 7% have a negative view.
  • 28% of members have a positive view of LGBT+ people, 30% have a negative view.
  • 21% of members have a positive view of feminists, 28% have a negative view.

Nick Lowles, CEO of HOPE not hate said: “Conservative Party members hold a view of Britain that lays the ground for the Conservative Party to shift further to the Radical Right.

“Our findings are deeply disturbing and alarming. They underscore the problem that the Conservative Party has with Islamophobia. It’s not just that they are tolerating senior politicians making anti-Muslim statements, but that their membership holds opinions that are out of step with the values of modern Britain.

“It’s time that the Conservative Party confronts this issue head on, especially at a time when tensions are fraught and communities are being divided.”

Opinium also found that a substantial portion of the Conservative Party membership subscribe to conspiracy theories. 45% of members think it’s true that “Globalist elites are encouraging immigration into Europe as part of a plot to weaken European identity”, 26% think it’s false. 41% also think it’s true that “The threat of climate change is being exaggerated by Governments and the media in order to control our lives”, 36% think it’s false.

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Image credit: Number 10 – Creative Commons