By Kieran Anderson, who you’ll find on twitter at @andersonkieran

This was my second time at conference and when arriving, even in my somewhat dazed state having come direct from the Norwich Election count, I had this sudden moment of panic, what on earth was I doing coming back to this hugely complex unstoppable juggernaut that is conference, which is not going to make any no more sense to me now that it did last time.
But with the haunting specter of my earlier discontent and fighting the urge to secrete myself into the nearest broom closet and wait for all this lot to go away. I found myself slowly being dragged into the processes of conference, from championing a Emergency Motion calling for us to Campaign against the Privatization of Royal Mail, to speaking in numerous workshops and somehow ending up chairing a hustings, conference seems to finally be coming together. With your second conference the strangeness of procedure, its peculiarities and regular denizens all come to threaten and confuse less and slowly you end up actually managing to do something, even though you didn’t expect to.
But all to soon, its over, and again somewhat dazed and slowly coming down with the invertible post conference sniffles, I come away having met more more people, having ended up more involved and more aware than ever of the contribution that we can make to the party and the country, but also a tinge of regret that it is unfortunately so difficult for so many to be involved.
But for all of us that can I hope to see as many people again at YG convention, where I’m sure you can find me continuing to avoid broom cupboards, dealing with my first convention, and if not Swansea awaits.