This is a nomination for the Bright Green #dick2010 award from Rowan Davies

‘What are you protesting for?  You might as well go home and watch it on Sky News.’

If you can watch this clip without shrieking wordlessly into the void, your therapist is better than mine. It’s not just that Burley is a pitifully bad journalist who is no closer to elucidation than she is to cold fusion. It’s not just that she’s toe-shreddingly rude to Babbs, whose kindly response (he recognises early on that he’s dealing with a very large toddler) deserves international recognition. It’s not just that she repeats ’65 per cent of the public voted for a hung parliament!’, as though that meant BUGGER ALL about BUGGER ALL in THIS OR ANY OTHER UNIVERSE. It’s not just that at some point in the collection of shameful episodes that she is pleased to call her career, she has looked upon the works of Rush Limbaugh and thought ‘that, my friends, is how it should be done’. It’s not even that she works for the world’s most evil walnut-masquerading-as-a-billionaire.

No. It’s the squalid, mendacious assertion that political activism is not just risible, but useless. For suggesting – in 2010, of all years – that if you want to change the world, the best thing you can do is abandon a protest and watch the TV instead, Kay Burley is a towering, totemic dick.