This is a nomination for the Bright Green #dick2010 award from Ruth Dawkins.

Danny Dyer, actor and columnist

Danny Dyer must have mixed feelings about 2010.


On the upside, after years of slogging away making laddish documentaries and straight-to-DVD films, he finally has name recognition beyond the viewers of Bravo.


On the downside, that’s only because everyone now realises that he’s a complete dick.


When Dyer used his column in Zoo magazine to advise a reader to “cut his ex’s face, so no one will want her” he single handedly revived the feminist movement. Successful twenty-something women, who had faced little personal discrimination in their lives and previously seen little need for women’s campaigns, suddenly realised that as long as there are publications like Zoo, and columnists like Dyer, the feminist fight will not be over.


The incident led to lots of mumbling about production errors and a claim from Dyer that he had been misquoted. But a quick look at his previous advice – such as telling another reader to set his girlfriend’s pubic hair on fire – suggests that this misogynism and downright dickery was not an aberration. It just happened to be the case that finally caught the public’s attention.


A donation to Women’s Aid came far too late to save Dyer’s reputation. He is indeed, 2010’s dick of the year.