This is a nomination for the Bright Green Dick of the Year (#dick2010) award from Patrick McAleer

While the vast majority of Daily Mail columnists come across as a near parody of the far-right with the likes of Richard Littlejohn, Peter Hitchens and Mary Ellen Synon regularly spouting bile and nonsense about immigration, the EU and climate change denial, Jan Moir is my nomination for Dick of the Year 2010.

The thing that takes Moir to a low that many of her colleagues could only dream of stooping to is the personal nature of much of the bile she spouts. As a tame example her Christmas Eve column focused on the appearance of Kate Middleton and Zara Philips when they announced their respective engagements. The vitriol directed towards the brides-to-be was almost enough to turn me into a monarchist!

Indeed that column typified the gripe that I have with Moir and that sets her apart from the rest of the Daily Mail nutters. Namely that while the likes of Littlejohn attack immigrants, students and sex-workers in the broadest possible terms Moir uses her platform to carry out disgustingly personal attacks on people in the public eye and often in the most shallow, irrelevant ways.

(And all this to say nothing of her Stephen Gately column from 2009…)

Moir for Dick of the Year 2010!