Grassroots anti-austerity campaigners US Uncut have announced that their next tax-dodging target will be Apple computers. The hipsters’ favourite is a leading voice in the “Win America Campaign” (WAC) for further corporate tax breaks.

Apple with scissorsLocal Uncut activists will be organising “dance-ins” in Apple Stores across the United States on Saturday, June 4th. If you’re reading in the States, you can find a local action, or organise your own, through the US Uncut website (I apologise for using the correct spelling of “organise”. And “apologise”.).

Win America argues for a tiny tax rate of 5% on corporate profits made overseas and brought to the USA. This, they argue, will ‘incentivise’ the tax-dodging organisations they represent to bring more money back to the States. Or in other words, America should stop worrying about clamping down on tax havens, and just become one.

WAC is a classic example of what PR practitioners call ‘astroturfing’: the creation of a fake grassroots campaign claiming to be representing citizens’ concerns, but actually entirely owned and run by corporate interests.

US Uncut spokesperson Ryan Clayton said: “We already got duped once by this hoax of repatriating profits with the ‘American Jobs Creation Act of 2004’ under Bush. It did not create jobs and only opened the door for tax haven abusers to continue to cheat the system.  As the saying goes: ‘Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.’

Bright Green contributor and US Uncut founder Carl Gibson added: “I love my iPhone, but I hate tax cheats. The only winners in the WAC effort are the same corporate executives who continue to steal $1 trillion out of our nation’s coffers every decade.  We all pay our fair share of taxes, and Apple should too.”