The most enthusiastic Bright Green fans, or Bri-hards as I believe you’re called, might remember that I used to work on a World Development Movement campaign against the banks who manipulate food prices by speculation in commodities derivatives markets.

Now the exceptional team that took over from me, Heidi ‘Knives’ Chow and Christine Haigh, along with online campaign genius Pontus Westerberg, have acheived the impossible: campaigning comedy that is actually funny.

The Real George Osborne casts Holy Flying Circus star Rufus Jones as an incompetent but oddly likeable Gideon, facing up to the food speculation problem while caught between his longing to be more popular than Boris and his loyalty to his old school chums.

I strongly urge you to watch the first episode below, and then go directly to the website to read George’s blog and to sign up for episode alerts, and follow George on twitter.