This is a nomination for dick of the year from Jonathan Kent. You can submit yours by emailing 200 words to editors ‘at’

James Murdoch, scion of the media dynasty, is surely a prime contender for Dick of The Year.

One has to have a sneaking admiration for his father Rupert.  Rupert, if nothing else, is a shrewd newspaperman who built a media empire by understanding what the public wanted and by giving it to them.

But if Rupert is Satan, James Murdoch is Little Nicky.  He is the devil’s dim witted son and if there is a God then he’ll be played by Adam Sandler or Keanu Reeves in the movie of his demise.

Murdoch Jr has earned Dick of the Year for trying to manipulate our democracy and accrue power, for holding our elected representatives to ransom, for appearing before a parliamentary select committee and stretching credulity to its breaking point, for not reading his emails, for mangling our beautiful language with his ghastly mid-Atlantic management jargon that replaces meaning with empty blather, for making David Brent seem personable, for reminding us that evil can be mind-bendingly banal.

James Murdoch deserves to be chosen dick of the year for being an enemy of liberty, a corrupter of our body politic and for squandering the myriad opportunities he has to make the world a better place and instead using them to debase, demean and destroy.