This is a nomination for dick of the year from Matt Butcher. You can submit yours by emailing 200 words to editors ‘at’

It’s not original I know. And, being a press officer, it’s probably not wise either. But Melanie Philips is such a vile person that she deserves a nomination.

I thought i’d just give you a few quotes and let you decide if she’s worth nominating.

“While the Church of England pins the blame for just about every social ill on poverty, inequality or some other fashionable political shibboleth, Mr Cameron homed in on the real cause — the replacement of Biblical codes of behaviour by moral neutrality.”

“From the windows smashed by anti-globalisation protesters to the torched city neighbourhoods of Britain to the occupation of the approach to St Paul’s, we are witnessing the rise of mob rule by the spoiled children of the very society they are so determined to destroy.”

“Mr Gove’s provocative call to parents to break the strike may have incensed the teachers. But it is their own proposed militancy this week that is a step too far.”

What do you think?