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By Adam Eagleson

Lieutenant John Pike of the University of California Davis police department probably isn’t a name that rings a whole lot of bells for most of you. However if I show you a certain picture, chances are that you will recognise the prick.

Don't mind me, just watering my hippies

When a group of UC Davis students staging a peaceful demonstration were asked to move on by police officers, they sat down and linked arms, as those pesky protester types are prone to do. Lt. Pike then strolled along the line, pepper spraying them with the kind of lazy insouciance one might expect from a French jazz musician mumbling world weary nihilisms in-between cigarette drags and shoulder shrugs.

Within 24 hours, footage of the incident was available in pretty much every corner of the internet, and met with revulsion everywhere it was encountered. Kamran Loghman, who helped invent pepper spray for the FBI (and therefore very possibly a bit of a dick himself), remarked “I have never seen such an inappropriate and improper use of chemical agents”[1]. He was also previously taken to court for directing homophobic slurs at a colleague, just in case you thought he might be a nice guy deep, deep down.[2]

But as dickish as the actions of Lt. Pike were, they are not the sole reason I am nominating him. Through the wonders of social media, Pike has become a representation of police brutality and aggression worldwide, synonymous with bastardry in the name of shutting down protest. So for the Occupiers beaten in Oakland, for the Fortnum and Mason 145 conned into arrest in London, for the attempts to silence opposition in Moscow, for every unwarranted use of unearned authority in the effort to quell dissent, vote for John Pike. Because there’s more than one of him.

tl;dr – ACAB

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