This is a nomination for Bright Green’s Dick of the Year 2011 award from Kate Harris. To submit your nomination email 200 (or so) words to editors (at) brightgreenscotland (dot) org.

My nomination goes to the flagship anti-gay-rights organisation Scotland For Marriage and all who dwell in her, particularly Cardinal Keith O’Brien, Scotland’s most high-profile rampant homophobe.

I understand why some people don’t want gay marriage, especially if it is because they feel civil partnerships are adequate or they don’t like marriage in general, but this unholy coalition of faith groups and social conservatives are just despicable human beings.

At a recent ‘Scotland For Marriage’ rally, gay people were compared to paedophiles, zoophiles and thieves. The police were looking into charging a few of those who spoke with hate crimes.

They also showed their incompetency when it was found that loads of names had been added to their hideous petition without their knowledge. It was probably just a prank but it definitely showed them up as being inconsistent and lax. Lots of my friends were furious about finding their names on it.

Instead of acknowledging a hole in their systems, Scotland For Marriage accused pro-same-sex-marriage campaigners of running a smear campaign against them. Ugh. Just wow. Middle aged men acting like toddlers.

I hereby ask you to smear Scotland For Marriage – vote for them for Dick of the Year.