This isn’t new information, but it was new to me.

This Guardian article from two years ago says that, when he was still an MP, Alan Milburn was getting £25-30k a year from a company called Bridgepoint.

But it doesn’t tell you who Bridgepoint are. Here’s the answer: they are a private equity company. In 2010, they bought up a €480m share in Care UK – one of the main companies moving into private healthcare in the UK on the back of the sell-off of the NHS.

Alan Milburn is a former Labour Health secretary. I wonder why they wanted him on their board?

It’s worth noting (as Another Angry Voice) already has, that Chris Patten – Tory Peer and chair of the BBC trust – is also on the board. But as the NHS is dying, let’s make sure we remember all of those who killed it.