Co-convenor of the Scottish Greens and Bright Green Special Contributor Maggie Chapman has been elected Rector of the University of Aberdeen by a huge majority.

Her campaign was spearheaded by student groups including the Shared Planet Society, Aberdeen’s branch of People & Planet.

The campaign focused on fighting on behalf of tenants including getting fairer rents, setting up a student housing cooperative, and private landlord accreditation.  The campaign also pushed for fossil-fuel divestment, tuition fees, and supporting international students and workers’ rights.

On a turnout twice that of the previous Rectorial election Chapman received 64% of votes cast.  She succeeds businessmen Maitland Mackie, having beaten lawyer James Steel by 695 votes.

Chapman said:

“I would like to thank my campaign team who have done a fantastic job, Shared Planet for my nomination and also the University for making the whole process a smooth one.

“A very big thank you to all those who voted for me this week. I am hugely honoured to have been elected to represent all of you over the next three years – I will do my best to deliver on my pledges, to get your voice heard!”

The results were as follows: Turnout = 15.1%, Total votes cast = 2110, Votes for Maggie = 1415, Votes for James = 695.

Chapman follows in the footsteps of the Green’s Westminster candidate for Edinburgh East, Peter McColl, and green politicians Robin Harper and Mark Ballard, who were elected by students and staff as Rectors of Edinburgh University.

The result was reported in the BBC and STV, and you can read more on the University website.