Happy and Max from K2K Radio
Happy and Max from K2K Radio

The first ever radio show dedicated to the Green Party, ‘Mean Green Radio,’ will come back for a second episode – and potentially many more – Bright Green has been told.

It follows the first ever episode last month on community radio station Kilburn to Kensal Radio (K2k), which featured Green activists and campaigners from across the country.

Happy Brewer, the host of the show, said that the next radio episode, set for the 16th December, will be “bigger, better, cleverer” – and will be a Christmas special.

Deputy Green Party of England and Wales leader Amelia Womack will apear again, alongside environmental activist and campaigner George Barda from Occupy Democracy.

Brewer says the format will change altogether in January to become an online TV show. He told Bright Green: “I want the Greens to have TV coverage in balance with others but that just ain’t gonna happen, so I think we need a Live weekly online TV show. Unlike the BBC/Sky all it will be welcomed because everyone who isn’t the 1% is pissed off.”

Brewer, a life-time non-voter, also revealed to us that he may be joining the Greens on air – a definite first in radio history…

Bright Green covered the first ever show in November here.

Listen in on the 16th of December, 8pm-10pm, here.

You can still catch up on the first episode online here.

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