The Green Party's new crowdfunding campaign
The Green Party’s new crowdfunding campaign

The Green Party has raised over £100,000 through crowdfunding, the party has revealed.Through the website Crowdfunder alone (e.g. excluding local projects through Indiegogo, Kickstarter and others), the party has raised the amount through more than 4,000 individual donors, meaning the average donation is a pretty impressive £25, with around 70 successful projects (over £1,400 per project).

The news to members comes as the party launches a new campaign to raise deposits to cover candidates in every single remaining constituency in the UK – a campaign which has in less than a week already raised nearly £35,000 from over 1,500 donors, meaning they are nearly half the way there with more than three weeks to go.

Could we see a Green candidate in every seat come May?

Bright Green welcomes a new era in transparent, democratic party funding.

Chip in here and help the Greens beat their target of standing in 75% of constituencies in England & Wales.