Ahead of Green Party of England and Wales Conference this weekend, a number of Greens Party members from across the country have signed a letter condemning Population Matters, a controversial organisation that has campaigned to ban Syrian refugees from Britain. The letter urges the fringe on Sunday at Green Party conference sponsored by Population Matters to be cancelled:

Population Matters is an ecologist organisation focusing on the risks and mitigation of world population growth.

Throughout history, corrupt establishments have often used population control as a diversionary tactic to shift blame from themselves onto the poor and the destitute; the most notable being Thomas Malthus, who called for starving the poor to stop them reproducing. Any organisation concerning itself with population growth needs to bear this in mind, and act to prevent themselves being taken in by the establishment narrative.

Population Matters has soundly failed in this task. They are a thoroughly capitalist organisation, offering no critique of the dominant economic powers, and showing no understanding of the interplay between capitalism, imperialism, racism and patriarchy.

Population Matters implicit support of racism and imperialism is clear in their call for zero-net migration to the UK, which makes sense only in a world where Britain maintains its unequal share of the world’s resources, and sense of entitlement. [1]

Though Population Matters claims to support women around the world, they fail to offer real empowerment. The primary cause of ecological damage and poverty is capitalism, yet Population matters places limiting child benefits as one of their key policy concerns, with no mention of the economic order. [2] At the same time population matters calls for aid to be sent to misogynistic governments for their population control regimes, which inevitably involve forced sterilisations, and botched surgeries. [3]

Given these ideological flaws, we the undersigned, believe that Population Matters presence at conference is a step backwards for decolonization, women, international affairs, racial equality, and environmentalism. We call for their platform to be rescinded.

[1] http://www.populationmatters.org/issues-solutions/population/conflict-migration/

[2] http://populationmatters.org/documents/benefit_credit.pdf

[3] http://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/apr/15/uk-aid-forced-sterilisation-india


Manishta Sunnia – GPEX Equality and Diversity Coordinator

Charlene Concepcion – GPEX Equality & Diversity Coordinator

Samantha Pancheri – GPEx Policy Development Coordinator

Thom French – GPEX Local Party Support Coordinator

Benali Hamdache – Equalities Spokesperson  – Islington Green Party

Sahaya James – South West Green Party Coordinator – Greens of Colour Committee

Sofiya Ahmed – Greens of Colour Committee

Sarah Cope – Green Party Women

Deborah Fenney – Equalities & Diversity committee member – Headingley Green Party

Craig Griffiths – LGBTIQ Greens Secretary –  Haringey Green Party

Aimee Challenor – LGBTIQ Greens Committee Member – Coventry Green Party

Siobhan MacMahon – Young Greens Co-Chair – Hackney Green Party

Fiona Costello – Young Greens National Executive Committee – Ceredigion Green Party

Sophie van der Ham – Young Greens – Equality & Diversity Officer

Tom Pashby – Young Greens Campaigns Officer

Duncan Davis – Midlands Young Greens Co-Convenor

Paul Cohen – Gender Working Group Co-convener, Federation of Young European Greens

Chris Cotton – Norwich Green Party

Katy Boyce – Bath and North East Somerset Green Party

Andrea Grainger – North Staffordshire Green Party

Sabrina Poole – Stroud District Green Party

Anne Poole – Stroud District Green Party

Mike Poole – Stroud District Green Party

Stella Gardiner -Bromley Green Party

Elliot Folan – Norwich Green Party

Samir Jeraj – Hackney Green Party

Laura Shepherd – Sheffield Green Party

Tom Bolitho – Young Greens Treasurer

Stuart Neyton – Broxtowe Green Party

Molly Arthurs – Ashford Green Party Campaigns Officer

Jack McGlen – South Tyneside Green Party

Jennifer Marklew – Milton Keynes Green Party

Emmanuel Blondel – North Staffordshire Green Party

Chris Atkins – Ashford Green Party

Lee Burkwood – London Green Party

Fez Endalaust – Plymouth Green Party

Shakti Shah – Brent Green Party

Eleanor Edwardes – Stroud District Green Party

Adam McGregor – Nottingham Green Party

Hannah Ellen Clare -Young Greens Senate

William Pinkney-Baird – Durham Green Party

Violeta Vajda – Lewisham Green Party

Adam Ramsay – Oxford Green Party

Caroline Baird – Stroud District Green Party